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Remember this: “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love” 1st John 4:8 NIV

Trusting and Yielding to Him Who is Love

Have you trusted and yielded to others who supposedly love you only to find yourself hurt, weary, and burdened? 

Many of us have my friend. Our Father longs for us to trust and yield to him who is love. His word tells us: God is Love, 1st John 4:8. Love is not a word, it is a being, and that being is your Father who is looking to take action in every area of your life so you can live a purposeful, powerful, peaceful, joyful, and prosperous life while you are here. Unlike any earthly parent who is limited by time, wisdom, and strength, our Father isn’t. He is love, and rest assured he will take action to establish you in every area of your life if you would only trust him just as any 2,3,4,5 year old trusts their loving parents.

Trusting and Yielding to Him who is Love was launched April of 2016 and featured in the book expo shows in Beijing China summer of 2016 and The Book Fair in Frankfurt Germany in the fall of 2016. .